The Kings Bromley Historians have produced a number of books, publications and leaflets over the years, this list details the items still available. Should you wish to purchase an item please use our contact form to get in touch to arrange payment and carriage. 


2015 Hark Back by Ivy Butcher and the Kings Bromley Historians     
  A book containing the transcripts of interviews conducted between 1979 and 1982, with villagers of Kings Bromley, including the last residents of Kings Bromley Manor.
2015 The Life and Times of Agnes, the Little Queen of Kings Bromley    £12
Agnes Lane, nee Bagot, was the daughter of the Second Lord Bagot and was born at Blithfield in 1809. In 1828 she married John Newton Lane, Lord of the Manor of Kings Bromley and went on to have 14 children of whom 8 survived into adulthood.
This publication describes her life, and the life of the villagers of Kings Bromley, in the context of a time when the country was fast industrialising, the empire growing and Britain was undisputed 'top nation'. It was also the apogee of the power of the landed aristocracy and gentry, of which the Bagots and Lanes were prime examples. The seeds of the decline of the landed class had been sown however, and the way that this affected the Lanes and the Parish are described.
Agnes devoted her life to the promotion of the interests of her children. The 6 boys had successful careers in the army, foreign office and church, two of them marrying heiresses. The two girls married well, one to a Lord and one to the son of a Lord Bishop. The publication is richly illustrated  and contains  newly discovered photographs of Agnes and her family.
View 'The Life and Times of Agnes, the Little Queen of Kings Bromley', table of contents here.
2012 A History of the Almshouses in Kings Bromley £5
  Kings Bromley has had Almshouses since 1700, the current Almshouses, prominent on the junction of the A513 and A515 were built between 1856 and 1860.  
2012 The Scandalous Divorce of John Newton £10
  John Newton, the last and richest of the Newton Lords of the Manor of Kings Bromley, returned from Barbados, where he had three plantations, heirless. In 1776 he married Catherine Seymour, the niece of the Duke of Somerset: she was 19 while he was 59. The disastrous marriage resulted in of House of Lords divorce, which was covered in minute detail by the yellow press of the time.  
2012 A Portrait of Dean Lane £2.50
  The Village Hall, opened in 1914, was originally called the Dean Lane Institute. As part of the Queen's Jubilee celebrations the village bought a watercolour of the Dean which was then unveiled in the hall at a ceremony.  
2012 The Lane Inheritance: Kings Bromley and Barbados £7.99
  In 1794 two brothers, John and Thomas Lane, both lawyers, became the unlikely inheritors of the large Newtons' fortune, based on sugar slavery in Barbados. The estate included the manor and most of the land in Kings Bromley parish.  
2006 Perambulation of the Bounds, The Parish Boundary Walk £5
  The ancient custom of walking the Parish Boundary had last been carried out in 1894, when the Kings Bromley Historians was formed in 1979. They decided to revive the custom in Sept 1984, and it has been repeated in 1994 and 2004 and will walked again in 2014.  
2004 There's More to Kings Bromley by Ivy Butcher £10
  This book, written by Ivy Butcher, founder member of the Historians, is available through the Historians. It contains nearly 200 photographs of village life through the 20th c. Ivy's other books: 'Kings Bromley, A Century of Photographs', 'Snippets from the History of Kings Bromley' and 'Ivy Alexandra Butcher, Her Book' can be obtained directly from Ivy. Unfortunately there are no copies left of her beautiful book 'Kings Bromley- the Artist's View'.  
2004 250 Years of Kings Bromley Schools £3
  From 1700 to date there have been schools in Kings Bromley, funded, at least in part by a charitable bequest by a Richard Crosse. The present school was built in 1815 when the Lane family were creating the manor park.  
2004 The Village in the time of the Lane Family £5
  Four generations of the Lanes owned the Manor and most of the land in the Parish from 1794 until 1928. The Lane crest can still be seen around the village and they built the Manor wall, the almshouses and the tower - all that is left of the old Manor.  
1999 Our Village No.4: A Walk along the Town Street  £3
1985 Our Village No.3: A Few Cameos of Interesting Local History £3
1983 Our Village No.2: Kings Bromley in 1851 £5
  The Historians won a Shell Award for their 1851 project. The first proper nationwide census was made in 1851 and this coupled with Parish and other records led to a snapshot of village life at the time.  


Talks On Research Done By Kings Bromley Historians

Other societies might be interested in booking talks on topics which have been researched by The Kings Bromley Historians:

1. Kings Bromley and the World War II Evacuees
2. Kings Bromley During the First World War
3. The Anti Slavery Debate in the Kings Bromley Area – Yoxall Lodge, The Clapham Sect, Anna Seward and the Lunar Men
4. The Lanes and the Lucys – Charlecote and Kings Bromley
5. A Pictorial Record of the First Three Generations of the Lanes of Kings Bromley
6. Agnes Lane, The Little Queen of Kings Bromley
7. The Gardens of Kings Bromley Hall
8. Kings Bromley and Barbados
9. Lilian Bromley Davenport

Guided tours of Kings Bromley can also be undertaken. For prices and availability please ring Allan Howard on 01543 472720, or contact through the website.