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The Historians’ Digital Archive

At the January 27th Historians’ meeting a new digital archive will be made available and a demonstration will be given on how to use it. This will be accessible from a password protected computer kept within the Archive room.

The main function of this archive is twofold:

Firstly to make available in digital format all of the documents and photographs that have been collected from various other archives, such as the Lichfield Record Office, Stafford Record Office, Keele University Library, Senate House London Library and Barbados Museum and internet downloads that were used in the research for the more recent publications: ‘The Lane Inheritance – Kings Bromley and Barbados’, ‘The Scandalous Divorce of John Newton’, ‘A Portrait of Ernald Lane, and ‘Agnes the Little Queen of Kings Bromley’, as well as for the exhibitions – ‘Kings Bromley during WW1’ and ‘The Evacuees in WW2’.

Secondly to make available the over 3000 negatives and slides that have been recently scanned and stored digitally.

Talks on research and guided tours undertaken by the Kings Bromley Historians

Over the last few years members of the Kings Bromley historians have provided talks on the research we have undertaken, and carried out guided historical tours of the village. If your organisation or society might be interested in booking talks or guided tours please get in touch.

Below is a list of the available talk topics by Kings Bromley historians: