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KBH Reference No. Subject Date Short Description Storage Location
D-F-01-01 1863-1984 The Richard Crosse Church of England Primary School. Copy of Headteacher's log 1863-1984 LAF-F1
D-F-01-02 1863-1945 The Richard Crosse Church of England Primary School. Excerpts from Headmasters Log Books - treats, illness, weather, human interest. RB-F3
D-F-02-01 1699-1894 The Kings Bromley Schools - a synopsis RB-F1
D-F-02-02 1815 Memorandum of agreement (photocopy) between John Lane & Edward Cooper re exchange of land for school under enclosure act. RB-F1
D-F-02-03 1852 Conveyance (typed copy) for land from John Lane for school for children and adults also photocopy of first page of original. RB-F1
D-F-03-01 1699-1996 Kings Bromley School Charities - land & tenants. Stock Lane Farm, Birch Cross Field, Swilcar Lawn, The Carrs. RB-F1
D-F-03-01-01 1786 Indenture (photocopy) between Rev Gaunt and Mr Henry Frost re land at Marchington Woodlands. RB-F1
D-F-03-01-02 1822 Copy (typed) of Charity Commissioners Report. RB-F1
D-F-03-01-03 1814-1971 Correspendence, Receipts and Insurances. Staffordshire Archive - Packet No 72 RB-F1
D-F-04-01 1881 Charity Commissioners regulations of Free School one printed and one photocopy. RB-F1