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KBH Reference No. Subject Date Short Description Storage Location
D-D-01-01-01 1689 List of property in the Manor of Kings Bromley in the possession of Madam Barbara Newton (SRO 1344/2/1/1). LAF-D1
D-D-01-01-02 1689 Particulars of estate bought by Mrs Barbara Newton in K.B. 1344/2/1/1 LAF-G2
D-D-01-01-03 1687 A particular of the arable land of Samuel Newton when purchased in 1687 together with a transcript. LAF-D1
D-D-01-01-04 c1621 A Survey of Bromley etc taken after the death of Mabel Agard c1621 together with a transcript. DB-D3
D-D-01-01-05 1679 Release of Kings Bromley Manor from John Agard and Trustees to Samuel Newton 1679. LAF-G2
D-D-01-01-06 No.9 The Circus Bath. Extracts from Country Life Magazine 14th and 21st November 1947. LAF-D1
D-D-01-01-07 1761 -1777 John Newton at Spettisbury House Dorset. 1761-1777. LAF-D1
D-D-01-01-08 2009 Sale Catalogue of No.9, The Circus, Bath, March 2009. Knight Frank. LAF-D1
D-D-01-02 1775 Estate Map - Samuel Vernon. LAF-D1
D-D-01-03-01 1838 Estate of Mrs Piddock and others at Kings Bromley map plot and sale details. LAF-D1