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KBH Reference No. Subject Date Short Description Storage Location
D-B-01-01 Heraldic record of great local deeds'. Express & Star article 17.10.1961. LAF-B1
D-B-01-02 The line of the Blood Royal (Family Tree from William I to Prince Charles). LAF-B1
D-B-01-03 Radio Times Royal Baby Souvenir Nov. 1984. LAF-B1
D-B-02-01 Saxon Norman & York Royal family tree. LAF-B1
D-B-02-02 499 -1483 Saxon to York Royal succession. LAF-B1
D-B-02-03 1023-1087 Leofric family tree. Extract from The Anglo Saxon Chronicles. LAF-B1
D-B-03-01 Agard family tree (3 sheets) with photocopy and Agard pedigree. LAF-B1
D-B-03-02 1680 Charles Agard of Foston. Biographical Notes from The Gentry of Derbyshire in 17th C. LAF-B1
D-B-03-03 Typed extract relating to Agard at KB by Stebbing Shaw, also written extract of similar section. LAF-B1
D-B-03-04 Letter giving references to Mary Agard 1658. LAF-B1