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KBH Reference No. Subject Date Short Description Storage Location
D-G-01-01 General information. Reference notes on various subjects. LAF-G1
D-G-01-02 1057 - 1952 Some notes on records held by SCC Planning Dept. by B Meeson. LAF-G1
D-G-01-03-01 1955 Extracts from 'The Making of the English Landscape' by WG Hoskins 1955. LAF-G1
D-G-01-03-02 1986 Notes on 'Open Fields' talk given by Mr F Johnson on 28.11.1986. LAF-G1
D-G-01-04-01 1987 A short history of Kings Bromley Bowling Club by Grace Marshall. LAF-G1
D-G-01-04-02 1933 Photocopy of loan slip Kings Bromley Horticultural Society. LAF-G1
D-G-01-04-03 1972 - 1999 Account book of Kings Bromley Gardening Guild 1972-1999. ?
D-G-01-04-04 1914 to 2014 Copy of the display by the Snooker Club at the Village Hall Centenary event on 11th October 2014. DB-G2
D-G-01-05 1939 Civil Defence Public Information Leaflets nos. 1 - 4. LAF-G1
D-G-01-05-02 1940s Photograph of Kings Bromley Home Guard in World war II with names. LAF-G1