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KBH Reference No. Subject Date Short Description Storage Location
D-C-01-01 Church History. Newspaper cutting 'The church of the long-nosed Monks' Typed extract from Stebbing Shaw. Typed extract from Lichfield Mercury 23.11.1956. Typed extract from History of Staffordshire by Garner. LAF-C1
D-C-01-02 1560 Typed extract from Wm Salt Arch Soc.1915 p.134 relating to church contents etc. LAF-C1
D-C-01-03 1892 Typed extract from 'Sketches in and around Lichfield and Rugeley by Alfred Williams'. K.B. Church. LAF-C1
D-C-01-04 1899 Typed extract from 'Staffordshire Towns and Villages by Alfred Williams & Henry Mallett'. K.B. Church. LAF-C1
D-C-01-05 1913 Information from 'Historical List Board' displayed in Church. LAF-C1
D-C-01-06 c 1970 Typed notes on K.B. Church by G Williams-Jones. LAF-C1
D-C-01-07 1983 A walk round All Saints K.B by Don Brown' including additional notes and sketch plan of features. LAF-C1
D-C-01-08-01 Drawings of elevations of K.B. Church. LAF-C1
D-C-01-08-02 Plan of All Saints Church Kings Bromley.(2 copies). MAPD-1
D-C-01-08-03 2000 Painting of All Saints Church, Kings Bromley by J Broadbent in 2000,(framed).(Donated by Mrs Ivy Butcher, October 2014) LIBRARY