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KBH Reference No. Short Description Number Storage Location
L-01-01 Kings Bromley A Century of Photographs; Ivy Butcher. B-1 LIBRARY
L-01-02 Snippets from the History of Kings Bromley; Ivy Butcher. B-2 LIBRARY
L-01-03 Kings Bromley the Artist's View; Ivy Butcher. B-3 LIBRARY
L-01-04 There's More to Kings Bromley; Ivy Butcher. B-4 LIBRARY
L-01-05 Ivy Butcher - Her Book Ivy Butcher. B-80 LIBRARY
L-02-01 Walks in and around Kings Bromley Walks 1 and 2. B-5 LIBRARY
L-02-02 Walks in and around Kings Bromley Walks 3 and 4. B-6 LIBRARY
L-02-03 Pupils of Richard Crosse School 1981 - 95. B-7 LIBRARY
L-02-04 Kings Bromley 2009 B-308 LIBRARY
L-02-05 Kings Bromley 2011 B-309 LIBRARY


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