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Over the years numerous items of historical information have been amassed by Kings Bromley Historians; these are and have been used as reference material for our research and for display purposes. You may be aware of some of these items such as maps, tithe award, enclosure act and parish registers, but there are now over 900 items that have been catalogued to date. Most of this material is in paper format and takes the form of general documents, small publications, articles, photocopies, computer printouts and photographs. Many occupy lever arch files, ring and other binders or photograph albums as their storage medium.

Database and Catalogue

To keep track of our research information we have catalogued most of the items we hold and entered the resulting information into a computer database from which we can produce a number of things, including:
  • Publish the catalogue to our historian’s website, which can be easily updated.
  • Print out a paper catalogue of our research items.
  • Create indexes for each document storage medium.
  • Perform searches for a particular item within the database, and print a report of the results.
When designing this database we based it on David Butcher’s original ‘Records Index’ created in the late 80’s and used into the 90’s. We adopted David’s main topic groups, adding a few more to give greater categorisation. David’s column headings were also adopted and adapted to fit with computer peculiarities, adding a few more again, this time to refine search options and make the database multifunctional. The categorisation of information and the database record fields are detailed and described below.


  A   People
  B   Lords of the Manor and Manor House
  C   Church
  D   Property
  E   Legal
  F   Photographs
  G   General
  L   Lending Library
  M   Maps
  P   Parish Council
  F   School

Database Fields

KBH Reference No. A unique item reference code.
Subject Date (if applicable) Information date, such as ‘1589’.
Details Description of the item of information, e.g. ‘Letter to Church wardens’.
Storage Medium Where the information is stored, for instance a lever arch file e.g. LAF-A1, or the LIBRARY shelves or   the map drawer MAPD-1.
Book Number (if applicable) Allocated to books in the Lending Library.
URL (if applicable)
If this document or piece of information has been posted to the website an internet hyperlink will be noted here.
Record Added By Who added the original record to the database, initials.
When Added And when this was done.
Modified By Who was the last person to edit the record.
Modified When And when this was done.
Archivist Notes Any notes attached to the record by the archivist.
Item Item Note on whether the item is present, missing, on-loan etc.
On-Loan to If the item is on-loan, then a note is made here.

Storage Medium Defined

LAF = Lever Arch File
RB = Ring Binder
MB = Manuscript Book
DB = Display Book
SB = Spring backed binder
FILE = Loose leaved or punched paged file
BF = Box file
LIBRARY = Lending Library items stored on Book Shelves
MAPD = Map drawer situated in Archives Room
Where appropriate the category of the items contained in the storage device is indicated by an appropriate letter. For instance LAF-A is a lever arch file containing items in category A (People). When more than one such file contains items from a given category a digit is added to indentify the file, for instance LAF-D2 is the second lever arch file containing items in category D (Property).
The Archives contain upwards of 3000 photographs. These are stored in various albums and files but at the time of writing have not been individually catalogued.